Advice from 28 entrepreneurs in list form

Today StefanHadlin recommended the post 28 Entrepreneurs give the advice they wish they had starting off. As I love lists I transferred the concrete advices to a list =).

  • Dare and don’t be afraid to fail. Release often, iterate, repeat and if it does not stick — cut your losses and move on. – @michakaufman
  • Figure out what you would be passionate for 10 years and go pursue that. – @Zappos
  • Build a data-decision-driven culture that rewards continuous improvement/innovation based on analytics. – @chrisknight
  • Identify critical success indicators and baseline data for various aspects of the business. – @chrisknight
  • What gets measured gets managed. – @chrisknight
  • Build relationships with people who are more successful than you. – @Jonathanvolk
  • Go to conferences – @Jonathanvolk
  • Help those who are more successful than you – @Jonathanvolk
  • Surround yourself with people more successful than you. – @Jonathanvolk
  • Learn how to study. Those who learn fast and can apply that knowledge fast will always win. – Facebook Advertising
  • Focus on what you are good at and not what you need to improve upon. @Neilpatel
  • Surround yourself with people who are good at the things you suck at. – @Neilpatel
  • Remove as many distractions as you possibly can that interfere with building and launching your project. – @JasonFalls
  • Block the time. Dedicate the attention. Stay focused. – @JasonFalls
  • Never get “too high” or “too low” — try to keep an even keel and look at the big picture. – @Ajv
  • Let your interests and your passions be the driving force behind whatever you do in life. – @Jschuller
  • Money should not be your means to happiness or your definition of success. – @Jschuller
  • Be persistent. – @Jschuller
  • Consistent action towards a measurable goal is what will get you to your goals. – @Marenkate
  • Build quality relationships with as many successful entrepreneurs, CEO’s and business decision makers as possible. – @Lewishowes
  • Your network is your most valuable asset. – @Lewishowes
  • Don’t put your business ventures before your family. – @Standoutblogger
  • Focus on building a strong team that believe in the vision and want to make a difference. – @mgingras
  • If you don’t absolutely love what you do, quit. Start doing something you love to do every day. – @barefootceo
  • Outflow = Inflow. Talking to yourself and thinking from your ivory tower isn’t going to bring the money in. You got to get out there and rub elbows. – @Davidrisley
  • “Don’t be afraid!” Get out there. Launch your product or service. Promote yourself Enjoy the ride. – @Ericabiz
  • I’d say be honest about your strengths and weaknesses. – @kristarella
  • Launch your entrepreneurial effort while still drawing a paycheck and benefits at your current company. @Affiliatetip
  • Find a way to satisfy your short-term (money) needs so that you can focus on your long-term strategy. – @Nhangen
  • Find what makes you happy, and make a commitment to do that at all costs. @Nhangen
  • Don’t lose sight of who you are, especially when there are so many distractions and shiny objects daring you to stray. – @Nhangen
  • Never give up. – @Robbsutton
  • Learn from your mistakes and keep at it. – @Robbsutton
  • Success is about persistence. – @Robbsutton
  • Don’t quit your job at first, work on your business in your free time — in the evenings, in the weekends. – @Markosaric
  • Cut all the unproductive stuff from your life and save time – @Markosaric
  • Go after those crazy ideas that pop into your mind when you wake up in the morning or are stuck in traffic. – @mike_stelzner
  • Only work on projects that matter to you and that are aligned with your life goals. A good exercise to find what these projects might be is this one: what if your next venture would become a multi-million dollar business no matter what segment or business model you choose. Under this scenario, what business would you create? – @Danielscocco
  • Know where you want to go and how you are going to get there, do not let yourself get distracted. – @Chrisgarrett
  • Trust your own opinions & ideas. – @Adii
  • Nurture that unique, competitive advantage as the main way of ensuring that you are building a sustainable business. – @Adii
  • Fail and fail often. Accept that failing along the way is part of the process, embrace it, learn from it and push forward. The trick is learning to embrace it as part of your success process. If it doesn’t work, re-evaluate and try again. – @jsmibert