When he arrives, he looks up and down the row of houses along a small street; every house has a garden surrounding it. He hesitates for a second but then continues towards the first house. When he reaches the path that leads up to the front door for the first house he stops and looks at the house. It looks rather nice, he thinks, and in his notebook, he writes, “Good visual and constructive skills”. He goes up the small path to the door and knocks on it. It takes a while but then the door opens and he says, “Hello, I wonder if you would answer some…” but the door slams shut in front of him. Someone covers the window to the right and not long after the same happens to the window on the left. Perhaps getting answers to his questions won’t be as easy as he had thought. He knocks again but nothing happens and he turns around and walks back to the street. When he reaches the street he looks back at the house and notices someone peeping through one of the darkened windows. In his notebook he adds, “cautious behavior but at the same time they seem to be curious” and then he continues to the next house. 

The house doesn’t look as inviting as the first. Perhaps it’s not the house that makes it look uninviting as you can’t see it. There is a large wall around the whole property. In the middle of the wall, he finds a door on which a sign is nailed. The sign says, “Be aware of the dog”, and then someone has added an s to the end of the word dog. He notes, “Not all have good visual skills”, and then opens the gate. On the other side, there is a poorly maintained house and he guesses that that is the reason they wanted to hide it. When he is halfway to the door he hears something and turns around. There stand two creaturs growling at him. They look fierce but have a funny element to them. He stretches out an arm towards them. One of the creatures suddenly lounges towards the arm but halfway there it stops and sits down. He pats it and notices that it’s dirty and malnourished. He notes, “Some treat their pets badly”. Then turns to walk towards the house but stops when a high bang is heard. 

“You stop there and don’t take another step, mister. I don’t like foreigners.” 

He sees that the door is slightly ajar and two metal pipes are pointing at him.

“Sir, I just want to ask you some questions.” 

“I don’t give rats about your questions. You just back up and close the gate after you.” 

“But I just need…” another loud bang sounds and he turns around, leaves the property, and closes the gate after him. Hmm, this seems to be harder than he expected, he thinks and notes, “Some are unfriendly, don’t like foreigners, and don’t seem to like to cooperate”.

He decides that he will get some answers in the next house. That house looks well taken care of. The building is surrounded by lots of different plants in different colors. He walks up and knocks on the door, and as no one answers for several minutes he turns around to leave. Then he can hear locks clicking and he turns back with a smile. The occupant who opens the door looks old and frail. 

“Hello, I’m wondering if you would like to answer some questions?” he asks.

“Of course, I want to buy some cookies, I love cookies. Come on in and I will get my purse.” 

“No, I just want to…” but before he finishes the occupant has turned around and with a slow pace started to walk inside. He follows her.

“Please sit down and I will see if I can find some coins for you.” 

“No, I just want to ask some questions.” 

“Tea, did you say you want some tea, how nice it’s been so long since someone stopped by for tea.” 

“No, I just want some answers” he starts to but she leaves the room. Not knowing what to do he decides to follow her and finds her looking through a bag. “Please I just want to ask you some questions if that’s ok?” 

“Ohh dear, you are quite eager to sell those cookies.” She says at the same time as she pats him on the head. 

“I don’t have any cookies I just want to ask you some questions.” 

“Leaving already, I have just put on some tea.” He realizes that he won’t get any answers from this occupant either so he leaves the house. On the way out he notes, “Some seem to lack communication skills”.

He starts to wonder if this is a good idea after all. No one seems to be willing to talk to him. He contemplates, Perhaps he hasn’t prepared enough. Perhaps he should have researched more. No, there must be someone who wants to help him, he won’t give up and walks up to the next house. A couple of seconds after his knock a woman opens the door, and when she sees him she smiles. 

“Hello, I would like…” and then she interrupts him.

“Oh! aren’t you adorable? Haven’t your parents told you that it’s not that time yet?  Though I will see if I can find some candy for you.” then she turns around and walks into the house. He can hear her saying,

“Honey, do we have some candy?” then he hears a man answering, “I think there are some in the kitchen, why?” 

“There is this cute kid who thinks that it’s Halloween”. After a while, she returns, squats down, gives him something and says, 

“Here you go sweetie and remember to save it until Saturday.” then she stands up and closes the door. He looks at the thing in his hand and the writing says Snickers. What is going on? He doesn’t get this at all. This was a lot harder than he thought it would be and he wonders what he will do if he doesn’t get anyone to answer his survey. He notes, “They seem to have strange customs” and hastily walks to the next house.

This time he won’t give in and knocks with determination on the door. It’s a young female who opens the door and before she has a chance to say anything he says, 

“I really would like some answers.” 

The female beams with joy. 

“Finally, I have been waiting for this my whole life, please come in. I will do anything for you.” He feels joy filling him, and finally, he will get some answers. She takes his hand in hers and drags him inside and up to a couch and then puts him there. 

“Are you for real?” she says and then starts to touch and poke him everywhere. 

“For real, what do you mean?” 

“You feel real, ohh I will do anything for you.” then she starts to take off her clothes and when she is naked she lays down on the couch. “Please take me. I would love to carry your child.” She sits up and looks at him “That is if you do it like this?” 

“Do what?” he asks.

“Have sex, don’t you think I’m worthy?” 

“I don’t want to reproduce. I just want to ask some questions.” 

“Of course, I will do anything for you.” Then she pulls him over her so he gets on top of her. He hastily stands up. 

“Don’t you want me?” she asks.

“No, yes, I mean. Please, I came here to get some answers.” then one of the windows explodes, and there is a loud bang and the room fills with smoke. A couple of seconds later he can hear the front door crashing in. He feels something bounce off his skin and then another. When he looks at the floor he can see that what hit him was some pointy things with liquid in them. The girl drags him down on the sofa and lies on him. 

“Don’t worry I will sacrifice my life before they take you.” 

“Take me,” he says “They want to take me?” 

“Yes, but I won’t let them.” 

“Take me where?” 

“To examine you, of course, to dissect you in any kind of way they can, the bastards.” Then one darkly dressed grabs the girl and pulls her away while she is screaming and trying to get loose.

“Let me go, don’t let them take you. If you let them, the government will deny your existence.”

“You don’t need to worry I bet it’s some kind of mistake I have not violated any of your laws.” 

Then the guy holding her takes her away and he is alone with several figures around him pointing some sort of weapon at him. He feels confused, this interaction has become nothing of what he believed. Not only has he not any answers to his questions but he is also more confused than when he got here. His thoughts are interrupted by a man dressed in a suit entering the room slowly trying to clear the smoke with his hands. 

“Take it easy, no need to be hostile, we just want to talk to you so if you please come with us.”

“Finally, talk is the only thing I wanted since I got here.” And then he lifts his notebook and steps towards the suited guy. The guy screams

“He has a weapon and then he throws himself behind a chair.” 

Then all the other guys throw themselves in all kinds of directions and then loud noises start to sound. At the same time, he can feel hundreds of small impacts tingle his body. His notebook is broken like so many other things in the room. When the noise stops and all the dust settles he can see that the suited man is looking over the top of the chair with an astonished look.

“Now I can’t ask you any questions as you broke my notebook.” He says to the man and shows him his broken notebook. The man says something and then he can feel something hitting him and making him fall to the floor. After a while struggling he realizes that it’s a net. This was not what he had expected and he wonders what the headquarters will say when they get the report. Perhaps it would have been better to kidnap and probe the inhabitants as the headquarters wanted. He thought that it was an outdated method and wanted to try something new. He looks at the darkly dressed figures slowly closing in on him. Now, the old ways didn’t seem too bad. He has to think about this and then he beams up.